Monday, February 9, 2015

Blog Post #4

Asking Questions: What questions do we ask? How do we ask?

Asking questions is very important in the classroom. Not only does it help the teacher with involvement with the students, but it opens up the room to a debate and allows discussion. It is always important to give the students in your class the opportunity to promote curiosity. If they are too intimidated to raise their hand, then how can you know if they are understanding the material?

Everyone has their own ideas about a topic and it's healthy for students to give their opinion. As humans we've been dealing out our opinions for thousands of years and the classroom should be a practicing ground for students to speak their mind.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Blog Post # 3

How Can You Provide Meaningful Feedback to Your Peers?

I can probably count on one hand how many times I peer edited a person's paper or essay in high school. It wasn't required of us most of the time and I think that's definitely a problem. Students can learn so many things by experience and teaching others. Peer editing is when you receive and/or give a piece of written work for you and your partner to examine and correct. It can be frustrating sometimes for someone else to thoroughly look through what you wrote. I also found it to be quite nerve-wracking. You're naturally worried about what the other person thinks of it.

Peer editing gives the student the chance to become a better writer and to learn from their mistakes. It also gives them a sense of accomplishment and it means more to them when their peers approve and not just their teacher. If you're peer editing, just be honest and open about your opinions on the work. Begin with what they did correctly and then move on to things they may have done wrong. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Blog Post #2

Mr. Dancealot
I think the central message of this video was on how NOT to teach. Mr. Dancealot stood behind a podium while he taught the moves for his dance class. He also told a student to sit down when they tried to see over the podium and learn the dance steps. At the end of the semester, the students had to physically do the dance steps even though they had not been able to the entire semester in the class. I don't agree with Mr. Dancealot's teaching style, because students need to learn hands-on practice with the material they're taught. In elementary school, this is extremely important for the children so that they can have experience.

Teaching in the 21st Century
Students have all of this technology at their disposal and there are so many ways that they can get information, that a teacher can show them how to utilize that technology to help them better understand their world.
I. Importance of Technology
   a. Teaching in the classroom
   b. How students can use technology to learn
II. Resources
   a. Internet
III. How Will I Use Technology In My Class

The Networked Student
With so much access to information, students are able to learn so many things without a teacher in front of them lecturing. But we do still need teachers to guide them and show them how to use the technology effectively.

I took only one online class in high school and I was given a deadline for all of my work to be done at the end of the semester, and it did not matter when I completed it. I never had to contact the teacher who lived two hundred miles away and I could choose to complete the entire course in one month at the end of the semester. I don't completely agree with this kind of teaching through technology. I never learned anything through the course because I had no interaction with the teacher, in person or over phone calls, and I was able to pass the class easily with an 'A'. Teachers who actively guide a student in using technology are key to our world's classrooms.

Harness Your Students' Digital Smarts
She helped them understand how to use technology and blogging without standing up in front of the classroom and lecturing. I really like her teaching style. I think she was correct in saying that teachers are learners too and that the students teach her things all the time.

Who's Ahead In The Learning Race?
In a lot of situations, elementary students are ahead of our generation in the Learning Race. They are learning how to use advanced technology at such a young age, that there is no telling what kind of learning styles they will be using years from now when they are in high school.

I have a niece who is three years old and as soon as she sits down on the couch at my house, she has her mother's iPad and starts playing games on it or uses it to watch Netflix. She knows exactly where to go on the device and she likes to take "selfies" when she gets bored of her shows on Netflix. It's amazing how quickly children and students are adapting to technology in the 21st century.

Flipping the Classroom
I have never heard of "flipping the classroom" before and it is definitely interesting and something I would do as a future educator. Getting the parents involved is very important and I think they should know what goes on in the classroom. I would always be for implementing technology in the classroom and helping my future students learn their material better.

Bringing the Locker Room Into the Classroom
I believe teamwork is very important in the classroom and students who work together on a project should voice their opinions on their work and other's work. When we use teamwork, we all come together for a main goal and I really liked team-based learning in my classes these past few years. It felt satisfying that we all worked toward a common goal and accomplished it.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Blog Post #1

I have heard a few rumors about EDM 310 in the past, that it was time-consuming and difficult. After reading the syllabus and checklist, it does indeed look time-consuming and difficult. It was a little overwhelming at first when I was given my instructions and my biggest fear was that I would miss deadlines because I'm not used to using Blogger and posting my work for others to read. I definitely have had some difficult classes before and I think EDM 310 has the most projects I'll ever have to do in a class.

The most difficult thing I think I will have trouble with is, is keeping track of when assignments are due. But I'm keeping myself in a positive mind frame about this class. To address this problem about keeping up with assignments, I will write down when my projects and blogs are due in a calendar.

Practice Blog Post 1

I. About Me
II. My Family
III. College Career
IV. Technology In Education


My name is Andrea Aube and I was born in West Point, MS. I left West Point with my parents when I was fourteen years old and moved to Tupelo, MS while I went to high school in Pontotoc, MS. I've moved around a little bit! I live in Mobile, AL now and I am enjoying my life on the coast. I absolutely love to read. In fact, I've always got a book in my backpack or in my hand everyday. My favorite movie is the Sound of Music and my favorite food is crawfish and shrimp (I moved to the right place, right?). My parents are Janet and Brent Aube. My father works for the oil company Chevron and my mother is a retired teacher that works at Semmes Middle School. I also have two older brothers.

After high school, I went to Itawamba Community College and earned my associate's degree. I moved to Mobile in 2013 and started attending the University of South Alabama with a major in Elementary Education. I want to enter the field of education because I enjoy helping the next generation of learners. I think it is extremely important that teachers in our day and age be familiar with a wide variety of technology, because it is always evolving. Students as young as pre-schoolers are learning how to use technological devices that we have considered complicated. I, myself, have a great interest in technology. I always look forward to the newest device in the market and I find it interesting how we're advancing in technology.